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The Most Important Moment

A performing singer-songwriter living in NYC and originally from the Great Lakes State, Brion Riborn grew up with a young heart, an old soul and a guitar. Reflective and yet always pushing forward, his timeless songs fall in the tradition of of songwriters like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen with touches of John Mayer and Joni Mitchell. Whether busking on street corners or playing for a packed house, Riborn's passionate performances and heartfelt songs draw you in with the depth and sincerity of a true artist. He’s spent much of his career traveling and collaborating with other songwriters and artists along the road. “I have three places that feel like home, Detroit, New York and the road,” says Riborn. “But the place where I feel most alive is wherever I’m writing or performing music.”

Riborn is a risk-taker, seeing the value of experience as more important to art than security. The path on which he feels most comfortable varies between preservation and exploration, light and dark, love and apathy. “The places I've visited, the people I've met and the lessons I've learned are much more valuable than safety and comfort.” This outlook has kept him busy writing music for film, co-writing songs for other artists, and performing in many bands and side projects.

Riborn's release “Don't Look Back, Never Look Back” is his most fully realized statement as a solo artist. A collection of carefully crafted, accessible pop/rock songs performed by Riborn and industry veterans such as bassist Dean Dinning of Toad the Wet Sprocket, drummer David Raven from Mojo Monkeys, and guitarist Phil Solem of The Rembrandts, “Don't Look Back, Never Look Back” is a meditation on moments of hope and heartache, and a call to resilience that is a recurrent theme in Riborn's work. Recorded in Los Angeles and Detroit, the album was released independently in December of 2012.

Throughout 2009, Riborn worked on the independent film "Annabelle & Bear". Much of his original scoring and music is featured on the soundtrack and throughout the film, which debuted in Detroit in February 2010 and continued on the film festival circuit throughout the year and into 2011. As a solo artist, he’s released two EPs, two full-length studio albums, a live album, and a series of digital singles. He is also known to collaborate with musicians in different genres on remixes—-or as he calls them, “reinterpretations”—-of his existing material.

Riborn plans to spend an equal amount of time on the road in 2014 as a solo artist and with his band, Barelyon. “I’m really excited about this new project, it’s breathed new energy into my performances and I can’t wait to share it,” he says, almost restlessly. There is an urgency to his presence, because to him, every moment is the most important moment. You can sense this at his live shows and in the way he interacts with his fellow artists and fans alike, both during and after the performance. As he puts it, "Whether it be a concert for one person or one-thousand people, or a song being written for our band, or my solo material, or a film, it's all about that specific moment and that specific time."

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