Electronic Press Kit (EPK) of Brion Riborn

All links are either viewable and streamable online, or can be downloaded. If you have any questions, send an email to press@brionriborn.com


** Online version of Brion's Bio: The Most Important Moment

** Listen to the album, "Don't Look Back, Never Look Back"


** Printable PDF of Brion's Bio: The Most Important Moment

** Hi-Res Photos (print quality)

** Lo-Res Photos (online use)


"Riborn is among Detroit's most promising. It won't be long before you'll be saying 'I knew him when' about Brion Riborn."
Dan Jones ~ BUZZ Magazine

"Brion Riborn, a Michigan-based singer and songwriter, knows how to write a good song. Riborn crafts an album that seems to confide in its listener rather than simply broadcasting. The production is tight and close, and the songs draw you in."
Chris Barth ~ Review You


To request an interview with Brion, or to request an album download code or a physical CD, write to: press@brionriborn.com